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Fargo Parking offers many convenient services for individuals and businesses, including business validation accounts, automated payment stations, group parking plans, and pay by phone.

Pay Stations


The City of Fargo and local businesses value our downtown customers. The Merchant Validation Program (MVP) is designed to make it easier and more affordable for you to do business in downtown Fargo. Merchants receive discounted hourly parking validation codes that may then be issued to customers for free parking! This program is available in the NP Avenue lot and the 2nd Avenue North and South lots.


For more information or to participate in the program, please contact Interstate Parking at 701-235-1618


The Skyway provides a convenient connection between parking, restaurants, retail stores and entertainment venues.


Skyway Hours:

  • Open: 7:00am and 6:00pm weekdays

  • Open: 10:00am to 5:00pm Saturdays and during events at the Civic Center

Validation Codes
Bike lockers
Automated Payment Stations


Fargo Parking offers automated payment stations at select lots, making payment easy and fast at all hours.


Paying to park with Fargo Parking is made easy with Passport. It's free, super easy, and convenient!


Available for download on IOS and Android devices, the PassportParking app allows you to start or extend a parking session, add or update payment card details, electronically validate your parking, as well as manage notification and receipt options.


PassportParking's Mobile Web gives you all the features of the mobile app through any web browser on any device. (click HERE)


No need for a smart phone! With the Pay by Voice option, Passport Mobile Pay allows you to dial into the local phone number listed on the location's parking signage, parking customers can register for the Mobile Pay service, start or extend parking sessions, and add payment card details.


Again, no need for a smart phone! Pay by Text option, where available, allows you to pay for parking by texting the 'zone number', space or license plate number, and the amount of time you wish to stay to the phone number listed on the location's parking signage.



Downtown residential parking permits allow residents to park on city streets and not be penalized by time-zone restrictions. This program is available on designated streets and in publicly-owned parking lots between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.


To obtain a permit, you must submit a completed Downtown Residential Parking Permit Program (DRP3) application and be a resident of downtown. The fee for the permit is $25 per month. The Downtown Residential Parking Permit Brochure shows a larger map and additional program guidelines.


Download DRP3 Permit Application: - CLICK HERE -


Download Residential Parking Permit Brochure: - CLICK HERE -


For more information please contact Interstate Parking at 701-235-1618.

Civic Center Ramp


Service Vehicle Permits



In order to park construction or service vehicles on city streets, a business must obtain either a construction permit or service vehicle permit.




Construction vehicle permits are required when a construction vehicle will be parked on a city street/avenue for more than one hour, unless loading or unloading is taking place.  Any truck that is being used for repair, maintenance or construction projects on city-owned streets/avenues is exempt from having to obtain a permit.




Construction vehicle permits can be obtained from the Engineering Department at a cost of $10 for a 14 day permit and an additional charge of $3 per day for anything over 14 days. Download an application to apply (PDF).


  1. This permit does not allow parking in No Parking zones or any other prohibited area as set forth in the municipal code.

  2. This permit will allow parking a commercial vehicle and/or trailer upon public street right-of-way when boulevard or driveway access is not feasible.

  3. Vehicle and/or trailer must be properly licensed as required by the State of North Dakota.

  4. To avoid any street damage, a properly sized pad must be placed under any jack or dolly when a trailer is disconnected from the pull vehicle.

  5. Street parking will be allowed only if appropriate measures are taken to insure public safety, including, but not limited to, diamond grade conspicuity tape around the entire perimeter of the trailer and/or equipment.  Cones shall be used in advance of any trailer or equipment when work is in progress.

  6. This permit does not allow parking a vehicle or trailer directly across the street from another parked vehicle or trailer.

  7. This permit does not allow obstruction of in-place sidewalk.

  8. The owner's name, company name (if any), and phone number shall be legibly indicated on any trailer or construction vehicle.

  9. 28-inch cones or barrels with high-intensity sheeting around the entire perimeter of the trailer and/or equipment may be substituted for the measures prescribed in subsection 5 above.




Service vehicle permits are required when service companies (such as plumbing, electrical, etc.) need to park in time zoned enforced areas in order to provide service to their customers. These vehicles must be equipped to carry tools, specialized equipment and/or materials that need to be accessible to the service person.  The service person must be working on site. Note: these permits are most often required for service that is occurring in the downtown area.


Service vehicle permits may be obtained at Interstate Parking Company. The permits will be issued after the application (PDF) has been reviewed and approved. Action will take 1–2 days from the date we receive the completed application. Please note that the permit fee must be submitted with your application.





The following Service Vehicle policies are in effect:


  1. Service Vehicle Parking Permits are issued only to service companies (such as plumbing, electrical, etc.) which need to park in time zoned enforced areas in order to provide service to their customers.  These vehicles must be equipped to carry tools, specialized equipment, and/or materials that need to be accessible to the service person.  The service person must be working on site.

  2. All vehicles requesting a permit must be titled or leased to the business making the request.

  3. The name of the business must appear on the permitted vehicle.  Either a painted business name/logo or magnetic sign will suffice.  Tickets issued to a permit holder who does not have the required identification on the vehicle will not be pardoned.  This requirement will be strictly enforced.  

  4. Mis-use or unauthorized reproduction of the permit will result in revocation of the permit and the vehicle will be eligible for parking violation tickets.

  5. All permit denials may be appealed to the Parking Commission.

  6. The fee for Service Vehicle permits are $25 per month at any time in the year, but not overlapping years and;

  7. The Service Vehicle Permit is not valid on Broadway or within ½ block of Broadway on Avenues between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:30 pm


Please display permits in the rear window in the lower left corner or on the driver’s side window as visibility allows. Permits placed on the dash cannot be seen and can result in a ticket being issued. If you have any questions, please contact 701-235-1618. 

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